happy vacation

I went to Sichuan on vacation.The weather was great!Sichaun had some pandas.So I went to the zoo.The zoo has two pandas.They were black and write.They were very cute.And they were a little heavy.I love them.Iwas very happy I found the people taling photos about the pandas.So I decided to take photos for the pandas,too.I had fun taking photos.And I had Sichaun specials for dinner.They were delicious.I was very happy that day.That was my happy vacation.
I was quite happy this summer vocation. Although I didnt go to any place or see the sea and mountain, I learned Japanese which I have longed to learn. I learned a lot of daily language. At the end of the day, the teacher taught us how to make sushi which I most love to eat.
I was happy,but the happiest thing is that I made many Japanese-learning friends and a "naughty" teacher!
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